BRS Franchise Systems LLC

Our 3 Winners™ Business Philosophy

BRS Franchise Systems LLC believes that in order for the Basement Repair Specialists’ brand to succeed in the marketplace, there must be three winners in every transaction.  The first winner should be our customers, who need to know that they are being treated fairly price-wise, and that the quality of the installation is excellent.  This is the philosophy behind our corporate motto A Great Job at a Great Price™.  The second winner needs to be you, the franchisee.  In order for each customer to get sustainably great service and support, you need to make a reasonable business profit.  If you and your company do not make a profit, there is no reason to have a business.  The final winner is us, the franchisor.  Our job is to make sure that our customers win and that you win, and if those two things happen, then we will profit as well.  It is a foundation of our business philosophy that without three winners, there are no winners.

Our Partner Vendors Include: