The Business Concept

Our company culture is collaborative, cooperative, results oriented, and transparent.

businessconceptThe basement repair industry is relatively recession resistant, since homes must be repaired to be habitable and/or to be sold. This is a steady industry that rewards solid operations and marketing in a fairly predictable manner. Growth should be steady as each generation of housing stock continues to age.

Seasonal changes in temperature and moisture create a fluctuation in the soil characteristics. These soil changes exert force on the foundational walls of residences. The forces tend to cause one or more of the following problems over time in nearly all foundational walls: water entry, bowing or buckling of basement walls, and sinking or settling of footings.

The core business of Basement Repair Specialists is identifying and correcting these problems with a consistent and systematic approach at a fair price. BRS Franchising Systems, LLC believes that a spirit of fairness should surround every business transaction. The home improvement industry is one that abounds with unscrupulous practices such as contractors taking deposits and not doing work, overcharging for unnecessary repairs, and not standing behind their work. We believe that any reasonable customer will agree that a company needs to make money, and for this reason we are transparent in our motives and pricing.