Support Provided

With a top notch endorsement of Basement Repair Specialists, in field training, and marketing support provided, we are helping our franchisees grow their business as we build our brand.

Celebrity Endorsement

“We were seeking an individual with the qualities that reflect our organization’s vision. Paul Molitor’s play on the field was characterized by consistency, hard work, perseverance, and speed. Those sorts of qualities are also just as important in the business world. Our business has been rapidly expanding because of our commitment to integrity, professionalism, reasonable prices, and superior quality work with excellent materials, and skilled labor. We are thrilled to have Paul Molitor join our team, and we look forward to working with him for years to come.”
-Tom Trinko,
President of Basement Repair Specialists LLC

Training Provided

  • In field training on techniques of selling projects, and then, the installation of some of those same projects
  • Classroom training in marketing techniques, sales techniques, and general business administration
  • Classroom training in the various products we sell as a company, by experts from the companies themselves. This is particularly true in the case of our foundation piering manufacturers, our egress window manufacturers, the sump pump manufacturer, etc.
  • Headquarters meetings that discuss reporting expectations on our side, and how we evaluate each franchisee’s progress

Marketing Support

Basement Repair Specialists believes that the best marketing comes from happy customers. Word of mouth advertising is still the best and least costly form of marketing, and we will help franchisees identify affordable and even free ways of getting the Basement Repair Specialists LLC name into the marketplace. As we focus on building our brand nationwide, our franchisees will benefit from the successes of the franchise company